RPM's Mission

RPM’s mission from day one is very simple, make stronger, faster and healthier athletes. Regardless of what sport you play. From Professional and Paralympic winning athletes, to future All-Americans, RPM has a program specifically tailored for your needs. Using cutting edge and time tested training methods, each program we offer is guaranteed to elevate your performance, no matter what field you play on.

Meet The RPM Team

Rogie Turco

Rogie is the owner of RPM Performance Training, which he founded in 2013. A life long athlete and fitness enthusiast, he started RPM originally as a sports performance training company, specially for the lacrosse players. Over the years as he evolved as a trainer, Rogie transformed RPM into a company geared towards training all athletes, no matter your sport or age. Rogie is an NASM Certified trainer, who’s program is designed around functional athletic training concepts.

Rogie Turco

Owner, Director of Sports Performance
Danielle Rullis

Danielle Rullis is a highly motivated and enthusiastic fitness coach that implies the same values within her training. With the goal of efficiently guiding her clients to reach their goals in mind she, at the same time, maintains a safe and welcoming training environment. She has seen incredible results within her own fitness, including but not limited to losing 35 pounds and attaining a 200 pound squat! She has become a trainer in order to help her clients get to their goals as well! Whether that be weight loss, athletic enhancement or just trying to attain the dream physique that one has been looking for, she has the methodology and program design to get them there.

Danielle Rullis

Director of Adult Performance
Aaron Diehl

Aaron Diehl, A NASM Certified Performance Trainer, has had a passion for health and fitness since his own knee injury as a collegiate athlete. Training for him is not just a way of therapy but a change in ones lifestyle physically and mentally. He’s known for wanting everyone to “Be the best version of yourself”. This is done via his coaching in corrective exercises and his monthly client plans. His passion for fitness, client dedication, and commitment to success will always leave you the results you are looking for.

Aaron Diehl

Director of Soccer Fit, Injury Prevention Specialist

Training Programs

AMP Training

RPM's signature program AMP(Athletic Max Performance), is a small group training program for athletes of any sport. AMP is for athletes in 7th grade and up.

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AMP Youth Training

RPM's program specifically for the youth athlete(4th-6th Grade). Athletes will learn basics of fitness in a fun and safe environment, as well as increasing, speed, strength, coordination and injury prevention.

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Soccer Fit

Soccer Fit is a training program specifically designed for soccer players. Build explosive strength, faster feet and prevent soccer related injuries.

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Adult Training

Personal and small group training for adults. Whether you're competing in a spartan race or just trying to be the best version of you, RPM will get you there!

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See what our clients have been saying about us..

About AMP Training

“Working with RPM has been incredibly important to my success on the field. Being an athlete in the MLL requires a lot of self maintenance when you are away from your team. Working with RPM has allowed me to stay in peak shape, and has increased my strength, flexibility, and speed. I realize more and more with each season that how you are taking care of your body off the field dictates the results on it, and RPM has been my best resource for preparation and increasing performance.”

Drew Adams
Professional Lacrosse Goalie, NY Lizards, Team USA

“When I look back on the experience that our son Mikey has had with RPM, I reflect on the time in his life when he was just a young, naïve, chubby little kid that was looking for way to get in shape, shed some pounds, and learn some valuable life lessons.  The time that Mikey has spent at the RPM facility has helped in attaining all three of the aforementioned goals.  The transformation from being a chubby kid, shedding multiple pounds and gaining muscle along with an athletic physique has also helped to alter his mind set and say good bye to unhealthy foods, which has led to a much happier and healthy life style.  In short RPM has had a huge impact on our son from both a physical and mental perspective that he will carry with him for the rest of his life and we are forever grateful for that.

The speed and agility training he has performed with Rogie has had a tremendous impact on both his soccer and lacrosse ability.  This can be seen when looking back at the progression he has made in both sports over the past 3 years.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone!”

Chris Donohoe
Father of current RPM Athlete

“As an athlete, I always am looking to improve my game, whether it be skill wise or strength wise. When I learned about RPM from a good friend and teammate, I didn’t realize how much of an impact it would have on my development from a good athlete to a great athlete. The trainer, Rogie Turco, is easily one of the best trainers in the game, using creativity and spur of the moment inspirations combined with tried and true exercises to create one of the most physically demanding but rewarding workouts I’ve ever done. By going and training at RPM, I went from a kid who just picked up the game of lacrosse and was getting used to the game, to a senior captain and leader of my high school team, and by continuing to train I became one of the top physically fit freshman on my team at the top D3 collegiate level and without Rogie’s help, I don’t know where I would be.”

Nick Irwin
College Lacrosse Player, NJIT

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