Soccer Fit

Soccer Fit is a sports performance training program designed specifically for the needs of a soccer player. Using cutting edge training techniques, Soccer Fit guarantees that every athlete will increase their overall athletic performance on the field!

Build Strength

One of the main focuses of Soccer Fit is to develop stronger athletes. Starting from the core and working out, this program will eliminate weak points to build a more well rounded player.  Being stronger will make you more explosive, decrease the chance of non-contact related injuries and make much better contact when striking the ball.

Increase Endurance

Obviously endurance is a critical part of every soccer players game. Being able to endure 90 minutes on the field without losing steam is no easy task. Soccer fit will address that and more! Using a blend of conditioning techniques, we guarantee there will be no more getting tired in 70th minute.

Prevent Injury

Unfortunately, injuries are a very common in the world of sports and especially in soccer. The good news is that you can drastically reduce the chance of injury with the proper type of preventative training. This is one of the main goals of soccer fit. Along with increasing your athletic output, our athletes will build stronger and more stabile joints, to combat common soccer injuries.

Speed, Agility and Quickness 

While soccer is a game of endurance, it is also requires players to be explosive, agile and quick. Soccer fit incorporates SAQ training into almost every session to help further develop these skills outside of soccer practice.

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