About Soccer Fit

Soccer Fit is a sport specific training program geared specifically for the needs of todays soccer players. Being one of the fastest growing sports in our country, the level of competition in soccer has dramatically increased. And seeing a need for an athletic performance program to match the level of skill training, the concept of Soccer Fit was born.

What Will You Gain From Soccer Fit?

Develop and Increase:





-Injury Prevention

Team Training

$ 100-150 /mo per athlete

Train as a team. Win as a team.

Team training rates for 2x a week(8 total sessions) a month. Minimum 8 Athletes. Please email info@trainrpm.com for exact rates.

1-on-1 5 Session Package

$ 330 Package

Individualized training program to meet your goals!

Personal training sessions and fully customized training program.

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Soccer Fit Packages

$ 150-180 Package

Training that fits your schedule.

8 and 12 session packages for weekly Soccer Fit Sessions.

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